Zamalek threatens not to participate in the new Egyptian Cup


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Omar Kora wrote:

Osama Nabih, general coach of Zamalek, confirmed that the club did not refuse to participate in the new version of the Egyptian Cup without international players, wondering about the fate of the match at the top, which comes a few days after the trip of the Egyptian team. to Korea.

Zamalek defeated the Aswan team in the semi-finals after winning 21, to qualify for the final match scheduled for July 21, when they begin their journey in the new version of the Egyptian Cup on June 13, against Al-Dakhiliya.

The Egyptian national team will play a friendly match with Korea as originally scheduled between June 13 or 14, before Al-Ahly vs. Zamalek’s top league game on June 19.

Osama Nabih said in TV statements on “Zamalek” channel after the Aswan game: “We have reached the final of the Egyptian Cup, and we don’t know the other side of the game.”

He added: “There is a tone that says we will play the new cup even if we haven’t finished the old cup, and by the time we play the new cup there are other clubs who will play. the league without the internationals.”

He continued: “We don’t know if there will be cup or league matches on June 15. There were specific matches on June 13 for the teams that will play in the cup.”

He stressed: “We will not play the new Egypt Cup matches without the internationals in the coming period until we know the fate of the current version of the cup.”

He explained: “As long as there is a postponement of matches, it is a fortiori that we play the old cup final on June 13 to end the tournament instead of going to the final on July 21, we won’t accept this case.”

And he continued: “The match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek will only take place 3 days after the team’s trip to Korea. Will the top match appear at the level people aspire to and in the light timing change?

Zamalek’s general coach concluded his statements by saying, “We want to know the answer to these questions and the fate of the international players who will travel with the national team to Korea, before defining our vision for the next step. “