You won’t believe how much Mohamed Salah was paid to appear with Esaad Younes… An imaginary act that exceeded all expectations?

To resolve Mohammad Salah The captain of the Egyptian national team, a professional in the ranks of Liverpool, was the guest of the media Esad Younes On DMC, during a special interview, the first part of which will be broadcast this evening, Thursday, at nine o’clock in the evening.

Salah doesn’t usually talk much to the media, raising expectations for this encounter, especially with the different nature of the schedule His excellence.

And DMC channel recently mentioned the reunion while reviewing the Millions Desire promo for the episode as it revealed many aspects that Salah fans will witness by hosting it with Asaad Younis.

How much did Salah pay to appear with Esaad Younis?

A question that arises with force, especially since the same controversy has been raised about the salary he received to appear with Amr Adib, but sources close to the player completely denied what had been reported on the social media about his payment of 16 million pounds to appear in the episode. , especially since the conditions of Salah’s appearance in the media are determined by the administration His works depend on the nature of the channel, whether Arab or foreign, the duration of the meeting, the timing broadcast, digital rights and other very specific issues.

Where reviewed by the media Esad Younes “Peanuts, pulp and rice pudding, saying: Mahtoush nuts on rice pudding, Odi, and what’s left?”

And she continued: “You said a lot, and you didn’t see any porridge. Salah replied, “How many years have you been eating at my grocer’s, convinced that I will eat all these necessities?” And she said, “Are you eating it?” EgyptHe interrupted her by saying: “Here is a potato.

And recently the talented artist and the media went Esad Younes In England to record an episode with the international star Mohammad Salah Alone and not with his family, soon to be broadcast on TV dmcIt is confirmed that it will not air on New Years Eve.

It should be noted that the Egyptian star Mohammad Salah The Liverpool striker has been ranked third in the European Champions League top scorers list for the current season 2021-22, with 8 goals, after scoring his side’s second against hosts Italy. Inter Milan, yesterday Wednesday, in the meeting which brought them together at the “Giuseppe Meazza” stadium, during the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League.

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