Wolverhampton’s game against Man City.. and Erling Haaland smashing a special number

Many football fans have been looking for a summary of Wolverhampton’s match against Man City, after Manchester City’s Norwegian striker Erling Haaland got a special number for him, after appearing in Wolverhampton’s match against Man City this afternoon, Saturday September. August 17, 2022 AD, in the eighth round. From the English Premier League, Haaland became the first player in Premier League history to score goals in four consecutive games away from the floor for his team, and later we’ll remind you. in this report a summary of the match between Wolverhampton and Man City.

Wolverhampton v Manchester City

Haaland, 22, has scored nearly 11 goals for Manchester City in the English Premier League, as he tops the Premier League goalscoring list, and it should be noted that Wolverhampton’s game against Man City, which aired on Saturday afternoon, started with attacking pressure from He accepted the Manchester City side as it resulted in England player Jack Grealish’s opening goal in the 55th second. Manchester City also kept their pressure on until Norwegian player Erling Haaland scored and netted Man City’s second goal with an incredible individual effort in the 17th minute, on top of the first half of that game. which ended with Manchester City. progressing with two unanswered goals, and in the second half of this encounter, Man City managed to score the third goal thanks to England player Phil Foden, after a perfect and distinctive pass from Belgian player Kevin De Bruyne in the sixty- tenth minute."

Wolverhampton v Man City summary

The match between Wolverhampton and Man City ended in victory for the Manchester City team with an unanswered hat-trick, so that their balance temporarily rose to 17 points at the top of the English Premier League table. while Wolverhampton’s balance freezes at 6 points in 16th place, and it should be noted that the eighth round matches of the English Premier League opened yesterday, Friday September 16, 2022, both in the Aston Villa match against Southampton, as well as in the Nottingham Forest match against Fulham.