Where heroes are born – Yalla Match

The Haringey Box Cup is and must remain a staple of the boxing calendar

He was only 10 years old and he stopped me at the door. “My name is Frances Foster and I will be world champion,” he said. “I’ll give you a chance to interview me if you want?” Honestly, I haven’t even been in the Haringey Box Cup for two minutes!

Little Frances then told me to watch out for Scott Stannard from Sudbury. It was good advice, the first of about 50. Stannard lost a heavy blow to Donagh Kerry, a slick boxer from Rathfreeland CC ABC in County Down. This little gem is typical of the Box Cup, where you enter and find three boxing rings on the last Sunday.

Inside about five minutes later, my dance card was tagged, “She’s Lisa O’Rourke’s sister.” “He just got an invite to GB.” “It’s his last fight, he’s a professional.” “He’s 38 and he never started boxing until he was 35.” It drives 500 horsepower. It acts at five o’clock in the morning. “She works at Nandos, but she can really defend herself. “Baby looks and fights like Tommy Morrison.” “Then the names: Repton Adige Adigbula, Ryan Murphy of Saint Monica, Louie O’Dherty, Terry McEntee, Lauren McKee, Dean Walsh, Jim Campbell, Jack Daly, Nyusha Nakhgiri, Daniel Kerrigan, it’s a long list.

It’s been that way since the first Box Cup in 2008. Every June, they come from all over the world to win the title. They came from Nepal, Australia, the United States, Canada and all over Europe. There are often over 500 boxers and up to 90 finalists. This year, a club from Canada won the award for the best team. They had real fighters, including Tommy Morrison’s clone, Braddon Harcrove, winner of the 86kgs in the last 48 finals. Harcroff also won boxer of the tournament.

It costs around £80,000 to hire the Great Hall at Alexandra Palace and host the event; The main sponsorship is over and there is a race to find new supporters for next year. The two men, Jerry Wilmot and Ken Marsh, who started it and still run it, have ideas, but time is running out. It would be a huge loss for amateur boxing if the box cup disappeared.

This is where Anthony Johswa, Nicola Adams, Kelly Harrington and Katie Taylor won gold en route to Olympic gold. This is where dozens and dozens of elite fighters have tasted real competition and foreign boxers. Cheavon Clarke started here and went to Tokyo, Chris Eubank Jr started here, Anthony Yarde started here. There is a long-standing call for quality.

This is where Dagenham Buffer’s Danny O’Sullivan announces each fight, a shimmering gait between the three or four episodes without getting the name wrong. I once spoke to the Hollywood Buffer about Danny and he was stunned, “It’s just a class,” Michael offered and he’s right.

This is where hungry youngster Anthony Joshua beat young and equally hungry Otto Wallen in 2010. It was Joshua’s second Box Cup gold medal. Big Otto returned in 2011 and won the gold medal. Imagine watching this six-on-one fight. “The Boxing Cup helped shape AJ,” said Finchley trainer Sean Murphy. Murphy is still here, and he still makes champions: On Sunday, Murphy had two winners in Buddy Cash and Patricia Mbatta. Cash is the running kid with 500 HP; When he won, I didn’t see many adults crying with joy. “Can you imagine if I lost? He asked me when I spoke to him.

Bonuses in the Haringey Box Cup

At the end of the long day, I walked away from the large, silent, empty hall with Mbata. I apologize for not putting it on the BBC Pod. She smiled, shook my hand, and said, “Next time.” There’s fitness in the Box Cup, and cheating is definitely not allowed. By the way, lampata can fight.

It’s not always about men and women who seek fame, gold and wealth. There are rare boxers like Clem Hughes, who lost this year and promised to come back next year. Big Clem will turn 38 next year and he started boxing just two years ago when he took his ten-year-old son to the gym. He is not watching the Paris Olympics, he is fighting for something much more important.

Others talk about Paris in 2024. Galway’s Ove O’Rourke won gold in the 75kg category, an Olympic weightlifter. She is the sister of Lisa, the recent winner of the Women’s World Championships in Bulgaria. Lisa was there, the first to congratulate. Lisa’s weight is not an Olympic weight. “We’ll see what we can do,” she offered when I asked about the situation. They can have double beds if a route to Paris can be found.

“Look at this guy,” Sivon Clark told me before the last shift of the day. “It’s a legend.” He was right, he was referring to Dell Youth’s Mick Delaney, a guy dedicated to amateur boxing. I had the pleasure of watching Delaney walk through the crowds at the Box Cup, receiving compliments, talking to old friends and vowing to come back next year. “I’m this middleweight…” Delaney started telling us. This is how all Haringey Box Cup stories begin. i like it

If the money is found, the boxers and their stories will come back. The women who roast the chickens, the men who race the horses, the trainers who make dreams come true and proudly show off their boxers. The Box Cup is a fairy tale place in our business, protected by the hopefuls of men and women who continue, “This is the best heavyweight since AJ.” “She wants to win the Olympics.” “He’s going to win a world title as a professional.” “He’s the best 18-year-old player I’ve ever seen.” And it goes on and on. What glory.