What is the truth about the teaching of the Al-Ahly club in European universities?

The question of the Al-Ahly club being taught in European universities is making headlines in search engines; In order to verify the authenticity of the news, will it really be taught in European universities? If yes, what is the reason behind it? Why would it be taught, especially in European universities? Some reports have circulated that La Liga University has decided to teach at the Al-Ahly club; Therefore, follow this article to find out in detail what is the truth about this matter.

The truth about the teaching of the Al-Ahly club

  • LaLiga University has made this decision and has chosen an appropriate title to teach the subject, which is “The Club of the Century in Africa and the most successful in the Middle East”.
  • He has also been a member of the club’s board, engineer Mohamed Serageldin in Spain for the past few days.
  • This in order to participate in the Master of Sports Management at the LaLiga headquarters in Madrid.
  • Moreover, he is the only Arab and African lecturer with a master’s degree.
  • The world’s leading professionals in the sports industry have also participated in the MSc Sports Management.
  • It should be noted that they are owned by FIFA and the English Premier League. Italian and American professional football.
  • In addition, the Al-Ahly club published yesterday, in a press release on its website, that the Spanish University of La Liga will teach this subject.
  • The introduction to the article was also an explanation of the history of the club, its values, the size of its biggest following in the region and its constants.
  • As well as the size of club budgets and the number of local and second leagues.
  • In addition to this, the administrative structure and its growing marketing position and the indicators of growing number of subscribers and visits through their official accounts and website.
  • Its global ranking among the 10 most followed clubs in the world was also displayed.
  • It should be noted that the La Liga University director said that their partnership with Al-Ahly club adds a new international mentality to the world of football.
The truth about the teaching of the Al-Ahly club
The truth about the teaching of the Al-Ahly club

United Media Company Board Meeting

  • did United Media Services Company Board of Directors Hold a meeting with the board of directors of the subsidiaries.
  • These companies bear all the operating costs of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek channels.
  • They also studied and discussed what happened the previous two days, and they took into consideration the first interest in the advancement of Egyptian sport.
  • As well as the elevation of football as an important popular game in the world.
  • Furthermore, any disagreement has been avoided and the primary concern of the board is the football public.