What is the truth about Hazem Imam’s resignation from the Football Association Council?

After signing a contract with coach Ihab Galal, to test the players of the Egyptian team during the African Cup of Nations qualifiers, and opinions were exchanged between members of the Football Association during this period, and a source revealed by the special mission of the Egyptian team who was in Malawi, on the situation that dominated the members of the Football Association, in particular Hazem Imam, a member of the board of directors. And according to the pitiful performance of the Egyptian team, where the Ethiopian team scored two goals against the Egyptian team, and this match is the second round of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers in Ivory Coast. The resignation of Hazem Emam Indeed, the reason for this is the performance of the Egyptian national team, we will learn more about it through our article today.

Hazem’s resignation in front of truth or lie

The loss of the Egyptian team against Ethiopia by two goals without any answer, is this the reason for the resignation of the member of the board of directors of the Football Association, and a source said that the position of Hazem Imam became clear and strong in his resignation over the next few hours, and the matter was due to the situation that prevailed for everyone following his performance. The Egyptian national team played against Ethiopia. The source also added that Hazem Imam reported words of the Football Association President, Jamal Allam, Muhammad Barakat, Muhammad Helmy and all who were with him in Malawi in his desire to quit as he explained that all current results and reasons do not encourage success, and it should be noted that the board of the Football Association He discusses the repercussions of the national team match against Ethiopia, in addition to seeing this coach Ihab Galal did in the last game.

Hazem Imam’s secret of anger

Hazem Imam opened negotiations with foreign technical managers, after the members of the Football Association agreed on the need to contract with a foreign technical director, but Ihab Jalal was hired, and it was a surprise for Hazem Imam, which angered him, and the objective of contracting with a foreign technical director was an offensive thought, which corresponds to our times. Hazem Imam also said that he negotiated with the French coach, Thierry Henry, to take charge of the team, but the failure of the contract was due to the great financial exaggeration he needed, on top of that. , he continued that many of the senior technical cadres, whose age ranges from 60 to 70 years old However, the team needs a young coach with great ambition to achieve for the Egyptian national team.