What is the fate of Omar Al-Soma after the relegation of Al-Ahly to the first “Yellow” division?

Several sports sources revealed the fate of the Syrian player Omar Al-Soma after the relegation of the Al-Ahly club to the Saudi first division “Yellow”, where it ended yesterday. The last rounds of the Pro League “Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup”, crowning the leader of the Saudi Blue Crescent with the title of champion for the third consecutive time, and for the eighteenth time in its history, after a great and flamboyant fight with the Union team from Jeddah until the last moments of the thirtieth round, in which all matches took place at the same time To ensure equal opportunities for all clubs.

The fate of Omar Al-Soma after the relegation of Al-Ahly

Supporters and fans of Al-Ahly Jeddah Club want to know the fate of player Omar Al-Soma, the legend of Al-Jeddawi club, after Al-Ahly’s relegation to the first division “Yellow League” for the first time in the world. team history, which is the painful blow that the fans received yesterday after the draw with Al-Shabab Club Negatively and without goals, because the victory was enough for them to ensure their survival, but after a series of missed chances and recklessness in front of goal, the encounter ended scoreless and resulted in Al-Ahly’s relegation to the Yellow League, and Al-Shabab remained in fourth place in the table. Reliable Kuwaiti sources have reported that the player will return to the Kuwaiti League, specifically to Kuwaiti side Al-Qadisiyah as the player started his professional career at that club, before moving to Al-Ahly Jeddah in 2014, to achieve a great story. , who was the most important survey. The league championship and the league’s top scorer more than once, in addition to being the player with the most goals scored in the history of the Professional League saudi. Al-Soma only managed to score ten goals this year with Al-Ahly Jeddah in twenty-four matches, which is not a big result compared to what he scored in his first season, since he scored 22 goals in his first season with the team. , then 27 goals, then 24 goals in his third season, and he also won the league title with Al-Akhdar Club, a great story in which he inscribed his name in gold letters with Al-Ahly Jeddah, and made all the fans love and appreciate it.