Victor Wimpanyama, do not expect. A pick in the 2023 NBA draft will match fellow star Scott Henderson at the Nevada Shows, source says

A source told ESPN that Victor Wimpanyama, the expected No. 1 pick, will travel to Las Vegas next month for a pair of highly anticipated matches, in line with expected second pick Scott Henderson.

The Metropolitans will face 92 of Paris G League Ignite on October 4 and 6 in two exhibition games in Henderson, Nevada. The source said the matches are expected to air on the ESPN family of networks.

Wimpanyama, 18, who was recently 7ft 4ft barefoot with an 8ft wingspan, has dazzled NBA executives for the past three years with his exceptional combination of fluidity, perimeter skill, blocking instinct shooting and a feeling of liveliness. The game has established itself as a potential top pick, except for one big surprise. He was awarded France’s LNB Pro Young Player of the Year for two consecutive years and made his Euroleague debut last season.

He will face his toughest rival for the top spot in the 2023 draft, Henderson, a 6-3 point electrician entering his second season with Ignite. Henderson has a mod frame, a 6-9 wingspan, and a blaster that works in the open field, plays hesitant moves, and ends up driving over cliffs over the edge, often in accented fashion. This will be his best opportunity to show the vast number of NBA executives who should be rallying for these games that he deserves to be taken care of at number one, above Wimpanyama.

Henderson is one of three players currently slated to be a first-round pick on the G League Ignite roster. He will be joined by Canadian winger Leonard Miller and French goalkeeper Sidi Sissoko, who are ranked 19th and 23rd in ESPN’s latest predictions. Possible selection draft Mojave King of Australia and Efe Abogidi of Nigeria will also participate.

For the first time ever, Ignite will play a full 50-game G League schedule, making them eligible to compete for a Championship in the 2022-23 season. Their season officially begins November 4 at their new arena, the Dollar Loan Center in Henderson, Nevada.

The Metropolitans’ 92 season begins later this month with three games scheduled for September 23, 27 and 30 before the team travels to the United States for a week of practice and show games in Nevada.