The regulation expert answers a question: Have the rules of the Sports Arbitration Center changed?

Regulatory expert Ahmed Al-Amir announced the changes to the rules of the Sports Arbitration Center, especially with regard to the article on interim measures. The regulatory expert also pointed out the condition that he fears running out of time as it is an illegal act that does not include fear of causing harm as he has stated in numerous tweets on social networking sites explaining why the Sports Arbitration Center changed the text of legal article 29, because the article concerns all temporary measures, and also added illegal text and repeated other requirements to this time.

Have the rules of the Sports Arbitration Center changed?

The regulation expert said about the step back clause which means the time has expired or the ability to play a game with some time to enjoy it before the decision is made, and then the wording n hasn’t been restricted in the rules of the center with the state of the damage, that means submit any claim related to a period of time And a certain time limit and that’s a mistake, because the regulation expert explained the difference between setback and the occurrence of damage as falling into evil falls in case of prevention of suspension and successful at the end The club prevented the registration of new players due to the decision issued after the end of the tournament.

Rules of the Sports Arbitration Center

Regulatory expert Ahmed Al-Amir highlighted the application of the article on interim measures. He also clarified that it is best not to implement any cases currently under review. Sports Arbitration CenterThe regulation must be republished, in addition to modifying article 29 of the law in accordance with the rules of procedure. The reason is due to the repetition of the article and the lack of stability in its legality. Questions have arisen over whether to grant Al Hilal’s request from the Sports Arbitration Center and the temporary lifting of the suspension of registration periods. With temporary measures for players to register during the summer period to settle the issue of Al-Zaeem Square, Mohamed Kno, it is worth noting that the sports community has witnessed a state of controversy at the over the last few hours regarding the changes made to the rules of the Sports Arbitration Center.