The new offers of the Al-Ahly club after losing the Egyptian Cup against Zamalek

Many Red Genie fans are waiting for the announcement of new offers from Al-Ahly club, which Al-Ahly needs to strengthen their ranks, after the many injuries that have befallen the team and in light of the stress and lack of hospitalization for more than half of the team, due to the pressure of matches and the large number of tournaments in which Al-Ahly participates, whether locally or in Africa. The main strength of the Egyptian national team is the Al-Ahly club.

New offers from the Al-Ahly club

The Al-Ahly club needs very strong support to win the championships next season after the loss of the African Champions League for the 2022 season against Moroccan Wydad by the score of 0-2, as well as the loss of the Egyptian Cup for the 2021 season in favor of the traditional rivals, the Egyptian club of Zamalek, with a score of 1/2, which resulted in several meetings between the football commission of Al-Ahly and Portuguese coach Ricardo Soares, the team’s coach, to settle a file New offers from Al Ahly.

The positions that Al-Ahly must support

suffers The Al Ahly club Of the weakness and shortcomings of some centers of the team, and these centers are:

  • The left-back position, in which the Tunisian international Ali Maaloul plays. Al-Ahly needs a super substitute to support this position, the player Mahmoud Waheed, Maaloul’s alternative, not having proven competence in this position, which may expose Waheed to loan or sale.
  • The right-back position, in which Mohamed Hani plays and his replacement Karim Fouad, who has good levels, and in the absence of player Akram Tawfiq, due to Al-Salibi’s injury and the remarkable drop in Mohamed Hani level.
  • The right wing position in which Hussein Al-Shahat plays and does not secure his return, and South African player Percy Tau, who has question marks around him so far, for not having provided the required level of him since his arrival.
  • The position of the outspoken striker in light of the fluctuation of the team’s striker, Mohamed Sharif, who was injured during his team’s match with Zamalek in the Egyptian Cup final, and was Substituted for Hossam Hassan, who is yet to present his credentials, so Al-Ahly need a striker to score half chances in light of the final sale of Aliu Badji on loan.
  • The goalkeeper position, given the intention to sell Ali Lotfi and loan Mustafa Schubert, and the fluctuating level of Mohamed El-Shennawy, Egypt’s main goalkeeper.

The media outlet, Saif Zaher reported that Al-Ahly club have reached four deals so far, and this will be discussed on Monday 25/7/2022 during Al-Khatib’s meeting with Swaris and the Committee football to introduce him to the coach.