The most important information about Marcel Koller, the new coach of Al-Ahly and his artistic career

Search engines swarmed for Marcel Koller, the new coach of Al-Ahly, as the club announced that they had named him official coach of their team, behind Portuguese manager Ricardo Soares. His two-year contract ended yesterday at Chateau Rouge, as he was known on Al-Ahly’s official Facebook page, and Kohler is known for his heroic career and great technical ability.

Al-Ahly coach Marcel Koehler

Marcel Kohler is known for his skill in any team and his multiple achievements, and his personal and artistic life can be summarized as follows:

  • Marcel Koehler is 61 years old, born in 1960, and is of Swiss nationality.
  • He was player of Grasshopper Club Zurich and won 7 championships.
  • He continued to play in midfield when he was just a player.
  • He held the position of technical director for many well-known clubs such as Grasshopper Zurich, FC Weil, Austria and FC Basel.
  • He won 4 championships during his coaching career for some teams including the Swiss League.
  • Placing the Austrian team in tenth place in the FIFA rankings was one of the greatest achievements of the Austrian team.
  • He injured his foot in 2020 during the Swiss experience in Basel, after which he retired from training for two years.
  • Kohler was unsuccessful in his career with the German from Cologne, as he played with them about 24 games, he won only 4 games and lost 16 games, so he was fired after 7 months of training of the team, and it was the worst stage of his career.

The most important figures and statistics of Marcel Koller’s career

The new coach of Al-Ahly Club has honorable numbers and high stats he achieved in his technical coaching career as follows:

  • He worked as a coach for 529 games.
  • He won for his team in 240 games.
  • He scored one draw in 127 games.
  • He announced defeat in 162 games.
  • He scored nearly 921 goals.
  • His average score is 1.6.

Arrival time of Marcel Kohler

The Al-Ahly club said that Swiss Marcel Koller will arrive in Cairo today, corresponding to 9/10, accompanied by his three assistants, to begin his official mission to form the team, in which Kohler will leave his continent and will head towards Africa. continent.