The future of women’s football – Yalla Match

Alex Scott, former Arsenal and England player BBC documentary Alex Scott: The future of women’s football. Many years ago, women’s football was overlooked by the media and female footballers were not treated fairly like male footballers. Over the years we have seen the changes needed in women’s football, thanks to activists and role models She spoke at length on topics such as the gender pay gap.

The growing coverage of women’s football means that many top female stars have become household names, like; SamCareAnd the Jordan NobsAnd the Lea WilliamsonAnd the Viviane Midema other Alex Morgan, for example, but not limited to. Back in 2021, BBC other sky sports He announced that the Women’s Premier League will be shown live on TV from the 2021/22 season. The BBC was already showing WSL matches on Red Button and BBC iPlayerBut the new rights deal meant that BBC One and BBC Two could show WSL matches for the next three years (from 2021).

Barbara Slater, director of BBC Sport at the time, said: “This is great news for fans of sports and women’s football. We are delighted to provide WSL with a free platform to ensure the sport and players are connected to the widest possible audience.

When it comes to women’s international football, England’s women have seen their fan base grow, especially since then. November 2019 when England Women set a new attendance record of 7768 at Wembley Stadium despite England losing 2-1 to Germany. Phil Neville took charge of the Lionesses as they began their journey to the Women’s World Cup in 2019 and the The journey of the British women’s football team during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Phil Neville then quit his managerial role with the Lionesses to take over as coach of Inter Miami. Neville’s replacement was Dutch football manager Sarina Wijmann, who is focused on leading the lionesses to success in the European Women’s Championship which start with England will face Austria in the opener at Old Trafford on July 6.

However, is women-only football dominant in some countries? We see countries like England, France and the United States dominating the international arena of women’s football, But there are doubts as to which countries are being ignored in women’s football.

As the revolution in women’s football begins in terms of media coverage, engagement and viewing, I can see a real future for women’s football and I hope the so-called ‘Big Tech’ will do more to Addressing verbal abuse and misogyny on social media, which are a constant distraction for female footballers.