The frequency of open sports channels ssc Nilesat and the carrier of the most important and important matches

In the past period, many people were interested to know the frequency of ssc channels on Nilesat, because it is known that these channels broadcast everything related to sports in general, so all football fans love and follow them, in addition to this these channels have managed to occupy a very prominent position and position. In the hearts of many people, since its launch, and ssc sports channel is one of the well-known and famous channels in the Kingdom of Arabia Arabia which has won the admiration of many viewers and followers so it has achieved huge success since its inception as it provides meaningful content which many loved by the round witch fans in addition to that it provides and allows to view various sports such as basketball and others and this channel is available with a series of other channels in the best HD quality.

The frequency of ssc channels on Nilesat

The frequency of ssc Nilesat channels can be found all the time, as these channels are constantly in charge of broadcasting all the local and international tournaments, the most prominent of these tournaments are the Saudi Professional League, as well as the Saudi King’s Cup, at side of the Asian Champions League, the Arabian Super Cup, as well as the Asian Federation Cup Moreover, these channels have never just broadcast football tournaments, but they have broadcast tournaments related to various other sports, such as equestrian sports, as well as karate, and other sports, as they cover the biggest and most important as well as popular tournaments, in addition to covering handball tournaments.

  • Satellite: Nilesat.
  • Frequency: 12523.
  • Polarization: horizontal.
  • Coding rate: 27500.
  • Correction factor: 5/6.

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add ssc channels on hd receiver

Here are all the steps to add ssc channels on the receiver:

  • Click “Settings” on the remote control receiver.
  • After that, the “Installation” icon is selected, then click “Choose more channels”.
  • Then the Nilesat satellite is selected.
  • Choose “User”.
  • Then the new frequency for the ssc channel is written.
  • Enter the bias rate, as well as the coding rate, in addition to the error correction factor.
  • Finally, click “OK”.