The first photos of Big Jasmine before removing the veil.. She was stunningly beautiful – check her out now!

After the broadcast of the images Big JasmineA bodybuilding coach, she has dominated social media sites due to her masculine features which she acquired through bodybuilding.

And post pictures ofBig Jasmine She wears hijab and has attractive feminine features, completely different from what she has appeared in recently, as her femininity features have changed and her huge body muscles have emerged, as a result of her practice of weightlifting for more than 10 consecutive years.

Big Jasmine Before and after

revealed Big JasmineDetails of her love for the world of heavy lifting, explaining that she started exercising since 2004, when she suffered from extreme thinness, and her weight was around 53 kilograms.

Big Jasmine Before and after

She says Big Jasmine She didn’t want to increase her weight at the time, but her first and last desire was to build muscle in her body, and increase her height, which she has already achieved, as she became a trainer to lift heavy weights. once. men’s gymnasiums, which her family met strong rejection, but she is still She continues in the same field, because of her strong love for him, emphasizing that she will continue her work until the last day of her life.

Tamer Shaltout and Captain Yasmine Challenge

He was the artist and the media Tamer Shaltoutpraised Rist’s challenge between him and Captain Jasmine or “Big Jasmine”, as he went to the gymnasium in which she is present to carry out a challenge between them, which resulted in his defeat of her, and he appeared with her while holding her hands, trying to bend the arm and then passed her, as the video shared by the artist and the media person received great interaction among the pioneers.

The artist and the media have decided Tamer Shaltoutchange appearance Big JasmineEntirely, by having her appear in female form, as she appeared with him in a video that lasted no more than a few seconds, wearing a black and white dress, with a yellow hair wig and eye-catching makeup, and a cap on her head.

Feminine look for “Big Jasmine”

The artist and the media participated Tamer ShaltoutThe eye-catching new look ofBig JasmineVia his account on the photo and video exchange site,instagramHe commented: “Look Big Jasmine After the change, everyone is entitled to a second chance.

Big Jasmine after the change: I want to be a woman

During a live broadcast, the artist and media figure appeared there Tamer Shaltout With a weight trainer and weight trainer Big JasmineIn his new dress, he reminisced about the scenes of the first meeting and his support for her: “We went out for a while and we were supporting her. Big JasmineShe was interested in sports at the expense of other needs, at the expense of being a woman, she needed another opportunity to be a woman, today we are in a living room and we will be with Yasmine under the form it is supposed to have, and who accepted it, we will see its new look and know its history.

Who is Big Jasmine?

Big Jasmine; She is a 30-year-old Egyptian, bodybuilding coach for men, who recently sparked controversy on social media platforms, due to her body shape and features with men carrying weights, which came as a surprise many followers, on how she reached this level. step that almost erased the Totally Feminine features.

Yasmine started this sports game since 2014, and she weighed 53 kilograms, and first worked on coaching and coaching women, but she prefers coaching men because she did not receive the enthusiasm which she needed with women.

Yasmine loves the gym and bodybuilding, despite her repeated injuries; However, she continues to train and practice her favorite sport.

-you dream Big Jasmine That she competes in local and international bodybuilding championships, which she works to achieve.

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