The FIFA Club World Cup 2022.. its date and the participating teams in detail

One of the most international tournaments that fans and lovers of the witch round look forward to watching and looking forward to year after year is the FIFA Club World Cup 2022, and with conflicting opinions on the Whether or not to hold the tournament, doubts have grown over the possibility of holding it in the current year, as so far only three have been identified. Only the teams scheduled to participate in the tournament, besides not specifying the country where the events and matches of the tournament will take place, which has raised doubts on whether it will be launched this year or not. .

FIFA Club World Cup 2022

There has been a lot of news about the possibility of canceling the tournament for the current year, and this is due to the conditions that the International Football Association (FIFA) FIFA for the organization of tournament matches, including , for example, the payment of twenty-five million dollars in fees when the country submits the request for reception, knowing that this amount is not illegal, it is refundable, which has so far weighed on the determination countries to offer a dog to host the tournament.

The date of the FIFA Club World Cup 2022

So far, the date for the tournament has not been set as no country has submitted an application to host the competition to FIFA, but most of the events in the current year’s tournament will take place there. next year, because the 2021 tournament took place. during 2022.

Teams participating in the FIFA Club World Cup

Seven teams are scheduled to participate in the competition, including one team representing the host country, as well as 6 other teams representing their continent. So far, three teams have managed to book their place for the FIFA Club World Cup .Moroccan club Wydad recently joined the list of qualified teams, having beaten Egyptian club Al-Ahly and won the African title for the third time in their history, where they are expected to represent the brown continent by winning the African Champions League, in addition to Real Madrid as winners of the European Champions League, and the third team is Seattle Sounders In the coming days, the identity of the remaining teams will be revealed to join the tournament, namely the South American champion, the Asian champion and the Oceania region, as well as the team of the host country.