The date of the match between Ismaily Club and El Gouna in the Egyptian League Championship 2022

A large number of Arab and Egyptian fans are looking for the date of the match that will bring together Club Ismaili and Club El Gouna, where the match will be considered the survival of one of the two teams in the Egyptian League, where each The team will enter in the game and will be looking to win the game in order to come out of the relegation centers and remain among the adults of the Egyptian League. Where Club Ismaili and Club El-Gouna are in relegation-prone positions, so each team is looking to get into the game and work to win it and move up the Egyptian league standings and out of the relegation centers, the both teams are looking to win the match in order to get out of these positions and compete for the Egyptian League Championship, both teams will work to ensure they stay in the Egyptian League this season and try to compete and get back on the right way from the new football season.

The date of the match between Ismaili Club and El Gouna Club

In its last game in the Egyptian League, the Ismaili club faced the Pyramids club, and the Pyramids club managed to win by four goals to nil in the Egyptian League, so it will enter Ismaili club In the match and looking to win the match, the match will take place at half past six Cairo time. In his last match, El-Gouna faced Al-Ahly club. Al-Ahly club managed to win the game and perform well in the match. and win by two goals to nil in the Egyptian League.

Ranking of Ismaili clubs in the Egyptian League

The Ismaili club are in 15th place in the Egyptian league, where they have played 25 matches, so the Ismaili club is looking to win the match in order to get out of the relegation-threatened centers.Matches versus the value of the Ismaili club. Therefore, the technical director of the Ismaili club, Hamza El-Gamal, was relied upon to play the rest of the matches for the Ismaili club, and for the Ismaili club to return to its proper position in the Egyptian League, where the competition for the Egyptian League and for all tournaments in which the Ismaili club is present

Ranking of El Gouna FC in the Egyptian league

El Gouna Club is located in 16th place in the Egyptian League, where they have played 26 matches. El Gouna Club enters the match with the same ambitions as Ismaili Club, as they seek to win the match, because El Gouna Club also depends on a technical director, Talaat Youssef, where Talaat Youssef came to train El Gouna Club in order to win in Matches and stay in the Egyptian League.