The arrival date of the new coach of Al-Ahly, Ricardo Soares, in Cairo with his technical staff

The media close to the management of the Egyptian club Al-Ahly specified the date of arrival of the new coach of Al-Ahly: Ricardo Soares in Cairo in order to sign the contract with the club and start his technical work with the club. ‘crew. After the termination of the contract by mutual consent between the club of Al-Ahly and the former South African coach, Betso Mosimane, Musimani had managed during the period he led the team to conquer the hearts of the fans after managing to win the African Champions League. twice in a row and lost in the third championship against Moroccan Wydad in a match that has been the subject of much controversy.

The arrival date of the new coach of Al-Ahly

The arrival date of the new coach of Al-Ahly
The arrival date of the new coach of Al-Ahly

Captain Ahmed Schubert, the former goalkeeper for the Al-Ahly club and the Egyptian national team, who currently works in a group of channels on the sport of the hour, announced in his tweet on his official account on the Twitter network about the date set by the administration of the Al-Ahly club to announce the new coach, because the board of directors after the departure of Musimani entrusted the task of technical management of the team to general coach captain Sami Komsan who managed in the games he led to reach a 2 -2 draw against rivals Zamalek and was closest to victory.He managed to defeat Ghazl El-Mahalla and the Eastern Company in the General League.

The new technical staff of Al-Ahly Club

Portugal’s Ricardo Soares is due to arrive in Cairo tomorrow Thursday to be introduced to the public and the media at a press conference on Thursday, accompanied by his deputy, who insisted on bringing him. The new formation of the Al-Ahly club’s technical staff includes the following names:

  • Mr. Ricardo Soares Technical Director.
  • Captain Syed Abdel Hafeez, director of the ball.
  • Captain Sami Komsouz will return as the team’s general coach.
  • Mauricio won as an assistant coach.
  • Paulo Lobo is goalkeeping coach.
  • Charges of planner Pedro Guimarães.
  • Raul Faria is a performance analyst.
The new technical staff of Al-Ahly
The new technical staff of Al-Ahly

The Château Rouge supporters had demanded the retention of Belgian goalkeeping coach Michel Yancon because of the impressive level reached by the team’s goalkeepers, but in the face of the new coach’s insistence on choosing his entire squad, the board of directors had no choice but to stick to Michel Yancon and entrust him with the responsibility of supervising the guards. The junior objective, to prepare a new generation capable of protecting the lair of the red genius.