The Al-Ahly club match schedule until the end of the 2022 season in the three Egyptian leagues

The Egyptian Club Association today announced the results of the Egyptian Cup Round of 16 draw. As a result, the Al-Ahly club match schedule, which is to be held in the upcoming period in the various Egyptian tournaments in which the Red Genie participates, has been determined, as the Al-Ahly club participates in the 2021 Egyptian Cup season, which has not ended so far, and also participates in the 2022 Egyptian Cup season as well as the main tournament, which is the Egyptian League, and the Red Genie is the most crowned Egyptian team in the championships, as the Al-Ahly club won the Premier League championship 42 times, while they won the Egyptian Cup 37 times and managed to win the Egyptian Super Championship 11 times, in addition to many other continental titles and tournaments.

Calendar of the Al-Ahly club

Al-Ahly club’s next matches in all three leagues will start from tomorrow, Sunday, and here is a breakdown of Al-Ahly’s next matches:

Calendar of the Al-Ahly club
Calendar of the Al-Ahly club
day and date Delivery Championship Hourly stadium
Sunday June 26 pyramids Ancient Egypt Cup 9:30 p.m. Cairo Stadium
Wednesday, June 29 Smouha general league 9:30 p.m. Alexandria Stadium
Saturday July 2 In case of victory over Pyramids, Al-Ahly will meet Petrojet Ancient Egypt Cup 9:00 p.m.
tuesday july 5 El Gouna general league 9:00 p.m. postponed from turn 9
tuesday july 12 Coming general league 9:00 p.m. Round 24
Saturday July 16 pyramids general league 9:00 p.m. round 25
Wednesday July 20 Ismaili general league 9:00 p.m. postponed from round 18
Sunday July 24 El Gouna general league 6:30 p.m. Tower 26
Wednesday July 27 Clearance from Egypt general league 9:00 p.m. Tower 27
Saturday July 30 Arab entrepreneurs general league 9:00 p.m. postponed from turn 21
2 or 3 days in August Farko general league —— Round 28
August 6 or 7 days Federation of Alexandria general league —— Round 29
August 10 Egyptian Port Said general league 9.00 Tower 30
Saturday August 20 Eastern Company general league 9.00 Tower 31
August 23 or 24 days my son general league —— Tower 32
August 26 or 27 days Army Vanguards general league —— Tower 33
August 29 or 30 days Cleopatra ceramics general league —— Tower 34

2022 Egypt Cup Matches

Calendar of the Al-Ahly club
Calendar of the Al-Ahly club

The Club Association had determined the path to the Egyptian Cup in the 2022 season, where Al-Ahly club was placed on a route, and the draw came that Al-Ahly will meet Misr El club. -Maqasa, and in case of victory, the winner will meet the winner of the match El-Mokawloon and El-Gouna, the winner of the match Smouha and Kafr El-Sheikh, and Al-Ahly will meet the winner of the last three matches.

Calendar of the Al-Ahly club
Calendar of the Al-Ahly club

On the other routes, the Zamalek Club meets the Ismaili, and the winner meets the winner of the match Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi against the Compagnie de l’Est, and on the same route Enppi meets the Al-Ahly Bank Club, and the winner of this meeting will meet the winner of the match which will associate Pyramides and Ceramica Cleopatra, and at the end of the road will meet the winner of the first meetings. The teams (Zamalek, Ismaily, Al-Masry, Eastern Company) against the winner of the second matches (Pyramids , Ceramica, Enppi, Al-Ahly Bank).