She died while talking on the phone with her mother. A shock after the sudden death of Alaa Hamed, the coach of the Egyptian judo team.

The Egyptian Judo Federation mourns a champion Egypt And Africa, and the current coach of the Egyptian women’s team, Alaa Hamed, after her death while at the Egyptian team’s camp, which is currently in Cairo.

Marzouk Ali, president of the Egyptian Judo Federation, said the death of Alaa Hamed It came as a surprise as she spoke to her mum on the phone, saying: “The death occurred suddenly during a call she had with her mum, and it was due to a heart attack and a sharp drop in blood circulation.

Officials of the “Egyptian Judo Federation and Shams Club” have been filling out paperwork for burial and funeral permits in the past few hours.

And the Egyptian Judo Federation wrote, on its official page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “There is no power or strength except by God, we belong to God and to Him we will return. She is passed away this afternoon, Thursday 4/ 4/2022, Captain Alaa Nasser Hamid, a hero Egypt And Africa, the coach of the women’s national team, as well as the president and members of the board of directors, all the workers of the union and all the technical devices of the national teams send their sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and to the Egyptian judo family, asking Almighty God to bless her with his mercy and inspire her family with patience and comfort.