See the most important teams qualified for the Asian Cup 2023 announced

The most important teams qualified for the 2023 Asian Cup have been announced, and this tournament will take place in the middle of next year, following the 2022 World Cup in Qatar being this year’s final, in addition of this, China was supposed to host the Asian Cup of Nations for the year 2023, but it was withdrawn from the organization as a result of the Corona 19 virus, and the host will be determined in the coming periods after its complete announcement, and through the article you will be able to know all the details related to this case.

The teams qualified for the Asian Cup 2023

With the following important information, you can fully know all the teams that will participate in the Asian Nations Cup 2023 through the following:

  • Japan will be among the teams qualified for the 2023 Asian Cup.
  • In addition to the state of Syria.
  • Qatar will also be among the qualifying teams.
  • South Korea.
  • Australia are also among the qualified teams.
  • Iran.
  • Saudi Arabia too.
  • The United Arab Emirates will also qualify for the Asian Cup of Nations.
  • China is also among the qualified teams.
  • Also Iraq and Oman.
  • In addition to Vietnam, Lebanon and Palestine.
  • Palestine, Thailand and Uzbekistan will also participate.
  • Hong Kong, India and Kazakhstan have also qualified.
  • Tajikistan has been rehabilitated.
  • And the last country that has been rehabilitated is Kyrgyzstan.

2023 AFC Asian Cup system

The 2023 Asian Cup of Nations will be the second edition, with the participation of approximately 24 different teams from all countries of the world, after this edition was held in the United Arab Emirates in 2019, provided that all the teams that participated in this tournament are The tournament will be divided into 6 groups only, and each group will only contain 4 teams from different countries, and in the end only the first and second places of each group will be qualified, and the best teams will be qualified among these centers. Then the teams qualified for the prize finals will start, and many matches will be held until the final match is reached and only one team wearing the emblem of its own country will win the 2023 Asian Cup of Nations.