Real Madrid prove to be the strongest team and get the full rating on their own

Real Madrid has taken over Google search engines from people and football fans, as this team continues to prove that they are the strongest team, not only in Spain, but also in Europe, and the first thing they achieved last season can continue to do so The season too, besides this team hasn’t tasted defeat in all competitions since they started this season, until this that she reaches the maximum rating on her own, an exceptional number that has not been an accident so far at European major league level.

real Madrid

Real Madrid is the first team at the level of the major European championships (Germany, Italy, England, Spain, France), which has won all its matches in all the competitions in which it has participated, and has more than 9 matches in Super Europe and the European Champions League In addition to the Spanish League, Real Madrid have won and won them all at a rate of 100%, and this before the start of the international break today, Monday September 19, 2022 AD . Also, at the level of the Spanish League, this team played almost 6 matches, which they won until taking the lead with 18 points in their balance sheet, in addition to winning their first two matches of the phase of Champions League groups. against Celtic and Leipzig in Germany Moreover, Real Madrid beat Eintracht Frankfurt in the European Super by 2-0."

match real madrid vs atletico madrid

Real Madrid team managed to get a tough win over Atletico Madrid team as this game aired on Sunday, September 18, 2022. This team was scored by Rodrygo and Valverde, while the goal of Atletico Madrid were scored by Hermoso. It should be noted that Real Madrid will meet Osasuna Club next month, on the day corresponding to 10/2-2022 AD, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, Cairo time.