Philadelphia 76ers fined Joel Embiid for criticizing officials after losing Game 4

Philadelphia 76ers star center Joel Embid He was fined $15,000 for criticizing the decision Hera News Lose Game 4 Saturday vs. Toronto Raptors.

Embiid, who suffers from a sprain Hera News Right thumbs up, with extended applause to the crew in charge of Scott Foster, Ed Malloy and Rodney Mott as he Hera News His way off the pitch after the game.

“Okay, I’ll take my advice and not complain about mistakes,” Embiid said on Saturday. “But, as I did Hera News game over [with the clapping]They did a great job. I admire the job they did today. To me, it felt like they had a job coming here tonight, and they did. Well, congratulations to you.

When asked if that ‘mission’ was to make sure there was a Match 5, Embiid replied: “I don’t know… but you can tell. But they did a great job. .

“Like I said, I’ll take my own advice and not complain about it. Think, Hera News Next game, if they don’t call it, I’ll be more offensive and defensive. If they want to give them, like, the bugs or if they want to connect, really, there are no bugs, I have to make them win and get really physical.

Embiid had nine free throws Hera News The game is 4 and averages 11 attempts for the series. The Sixers, who lead the series 3-1, will once again try to eliminate the Raptors Hera News Game 5 Monday Hera News Philadelphia Cream.