Officially.. the match schedule for the first round of the professional league season 2022-2023

Knowing the schedule of matches in the first round of the professional league for the 2022-2023 sports season will be of interest to many, because the new season begins on Thursday August 25 and this version promises to be strong. Al-Ahly, Al-Hazm and Al-Faisaly.

The schedule of matches for the first round of the professional league

The Saudi Federation competitions committee has revealed the match schedule for the first round of Prince Mohammed Cup season Bin Salman 2022-2023:

  • The first round begins on Thursday, August 25, 2022, with Al Fayhaa facing Damak, and Al Khaleej playing against Al Hilal.
  • On Friday August 26, 2022, Al-Ittifaq will face Al-Taei, Team Justice will be against Al-Ittihad and Al-Shabab will face Al-Batin.
  • The conclusion of the first round matches will take place on Saturday, August 27, 2022, with a confrontation between Al-Taawoun against Al-Fateh, Abha’s team against Al-Raed and Al-Nasr against Al-Wahda.
Pro League first round matches
Pro League first round matches

The matches of the second round of the Saudi League 2023

As for the dates of the matches of the second round of New Season Professional League 2023, it will be as follows:

  • Al-Batin club meets Al-Fateh on August 31 at Al-Batin club stadium, and today Al-Hilal against Al-Fayhaa will meet at `hj at Prince Faisal bin Fahd stadium.
  • On Thursday, September 1, 2022, Al Raed plays against Al Wahda and Abha Club plays against Al Shabab.
  • The matches on Friday September 2, 2022 will be Al-Ta’i vs Al-Adala, and Damak Club vs Al-Khaleej.
  • At the end of the second round, on September 3, Al-Taawoun will face Al-Nasr, and Al-Ittihad will face Al-Ittifaq Club.

The channels that transmit the Saudi League 2023

It is known that the Saudi League matches were transmitted in the previous two seasons through Saudi sports channels, but in the new season 2023, new channels will transmit the matches to you, namely: SPL/status/1555249468383137792?s=20&t=RlHagCr8Gf_-Tk1CSta76A

  • SSC Channels became one of the exclusive channels of the Professional League. You can watch the game there for free, but with SD technology. If you want to watch in HD, you must own the GBOX device.
  • You can also follow Saudi League matches via the Internet via Shahid for free with SD technology, or by subscribing to Shahid VIP and watching in HD.