New Al-Ahly coach.. ‘Al-Ahly’ reaches new agreement with Wagner

Al-Ahly Club Authority rejected the idea of ​​using The new coach of Al-Ahly Countries in Europe, because of what Rene Wheeler went through, who was appointed from Mosimane, and there are negotiations between Al-Ahly club officials on a contract with one of the European coaches and Latin Americans who have a good experience in the world of football training at the level of Europe or the Arab world.

The new coach of Al-Ahly

Coach Feiler was the coach of Al-Ahly, despite his lack of experience in the Arab world, but Al-Ahly club officials signed an agreement on 08/31/2011, and he was confirmed by the management of Al-Ahly club that Feiler had participated in his project in Al-Ahly club to be implemented at that time, but he died at the end of 11/2020 due to the Covid-19 epidemic .

Contracting of delegates for the new coach Al-Ahly

It should be noted that the subject of contracting with The new coach of Al-Ahly With the same specifications, Fire does not exist, because the biggest trend is currently to contract with a trainer who has a strong experience in European countries or in the Arab world.

Al-Ahly club officials have talks and discussions with more than one coach at European level, including Portuguese coach, Roy Vitoria, who was the former coach of Portuguese club Benfica.

He was also coaching Saudi club Al-Nasr due to financial disputes that prevented him from completing their training, and there are also other coaches, where negotiations will be announced and what they will agree with the new coach of Al-Ahly Club, and all this at the end of next month.

About the Al-Ahly club

Al-Ahly Club is one of the professional football clubs in Egypt with its headquarters in Cairo and has many fans at home and in Africa. Players are known to wear red shirts. It is considered to be one of the first clubs to bear this name. and the name has since spread throughout the Arab world.

It was founded in 1907 and its official inauguration took place in 1909. The first team of Al-Ahly Club was formed in 1911, after which the first championship was crowned and called the Sultan’s Cup in 1923.