“My blood pressure is high and my diabetes is skyrocketing” – Norte Newspaper

The media commented Amr Adib In a tweet to him on his Twitter account about the poor refereeing performance of the match between Egypt and Morocco in the match Africa Cup of Nations 2021, which took place on Sunday and ended with the victory of the Egyptian team.

so written Amr Adib In his tweet: “If the refereeing in this tournament ends this way, they will say that we will come back to Egypt tomorrow… and if the comment continues like this, they will tell us to cancel the subscription tomorrow.”

And he continued in another tweet about the match and the performance of the Pharaohs: “A historic match, an African legend, an Egyptian epic… A man took responsibility and I don’t want anyone after that to say the text of a word about the Pharaohs.”

He added: “It’s thanksgiving, good night and sweet Egypt. My blood pressure is high and my diabetes is at an all time high, and I don’t know how to express more than that. And I need with one last prayer.”

Remember this game Egypt national team And the Atlantic Lions had ended in victory for the Pharaohs with a score of 2-1. The Egyptian team has qualified for the semi-finals and will meet the Cameroonian team in the match scheduled for next Thursday.