Mortada Mansour Reveals ‘Abu Jabal’ Returned To Zamalek After Apology

Zamalek Club Council Chairman has stated the final position of Zamalek Club regarding Abu Jabal returning to the club again. ‘Abu Jabal returned to Zamalek and Advisor Mortada Mansour’s stance on this.

The fact that Abu Jabal returned to Zamalek

Councilor Mortada Mansour announced through the Zamalek channel the postponement of the decision to send goalkeeper Muhammad Abu Jabal to the Zamalek club until the end of the Premier League matches, in addition to what he indicated that a final decision was not made to return, but the postponement was only until a correct decision was made, and Ferreira He expressed his extreme anger at Tariq Hamed due to the lack of alternative, but there is a crisis between him and goalkeeper Muhammad Abu Jabal, and at the end of the meeting, he indicated that the fate of goalkeeper Muhammad is in Ferreira’s hands in case he has services in the Zamalek club, and stressed that he does not refuse to return.

Zamalek’s decision on Abu Jabal’s return

Mortada Mansour Ali confirmed Abu Jabal’s attempts to return and apologize to Al-Ahly club fans, apologize to management, but any decision related to this matter has been postponed, adding that Ferreira hailed Abu Jabal’s departure, in addition to the club’s decision. Regarding Muhammad Abu Jabal is right, stating that the goalkeeper’s return to the club could pose a danger to the club, and he explained how badly Abu Jabal felt when he left the club.

Abu Jabal offers to return to Zamalek

There has been a lot of news about the possibility of Abou Jabal returning to the Zamalek club after gaining the approval of Ferreira, the coach, and there is a source in the coaching staff confirming the extent of the Portuguese’s refusal. Ferreira to return to Chateau Blanc. again, while Abu Jabal tries to apologize to Ferreira for what happened to him in the past, but the Portuguese Ferreira rejected the idea of ​​firing the former white guard, Muhammad Abu Jabal again, in the land of Château Blanc.