Management of Al-Ahly club announces the dismissal of Pitso Musimani, the coach, after the decisions of Al-Khatib and the board of directors

It was announced by the board of directors of the Egyptian club Al-Ahly led by Mahmoud Al-Khatib about Pitsu Mosimane sacked Coach of Al-Ahly club, where it was announced on the official page of the Egyptian club of Al-Ahly on Facebook that coach Pitso Mosimane had been sacked, and his contract had been terminated by mutual agreement and without paying the club management’s penalty clause, and this came after Al-Ahly lost to Moroccan Wydad in the African Champions League final.

Pitsu Mosimane sacked

There were many discussions in the management of Al-Ahly club for a short time regarding the dismissal of Pitso Mosimane, but Mahmoud Al-Khatib made his final decision after the loss of Al-Ahly club against the Moroccan Wydad with two goals to nothing, after the Red Genie reached the final of the African Champions League, in particular with the great desire of the public for the club of Al-Ahly to win the title of the African Champions League Africa for the third consecutive time and the eleventh time in its history.

It has been officially announced that the dismissal of Pitso Mosimane has been by mutual consent between the two parties and by breach of contract, by mutual consent, in accordance with the wishes of coach Pitso Mosimane.

Details of the dismissal of Pitsu Mosimane

With the continued attack on coach Pitso Mosimane in the final period on social media and by journalists, following the loss of the African Champions League, the dismissal of Pitso Mosimane has been discussed within the Al club. -Ahly a few days ago, and now the latest and an official statement has been released after discussions between all parties.

At the end of the meeting, it was announced that Pitso Mosimane, the coach of Al-Ahly club, had been officially dismissed from his post after 20 months in the administration of the club, due to the decline the level of the players and the decline in the results and figures of the Al-Ahly club, to reach a final solution that satisfies all parties, which is its dissolution. The contract for the technical director, with the consent of all responsible parties and without paying the penalty clause.