Lionesses finally invade Europe – Yalla Match

Football returns home after 56 years, with the lionesses bringing Sarina Wegmann the first national title since 1966.

England women’s strikers Ella Tone and Chloe Kelly won their first major title at senior level after Lena Magul equalized.

Wembley Stadium was packed here for tantalizing match-ups as England aimed to become the sixth different country to win the UEFA European Women’s Championship. On the other hand, Germany was aiming for its ninth title in 21 years.

But things didn’t start well for the Germans, who lost their talisman, Alexandra Pope, to injury during the warm-up.

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Leah Schuller replaced her.

England had named a team that had been unchanged since the semi-final win over Sweden.

It is also a record attendance for a men’s or women’s European final, which saw 87,192 spectators come to attend this unforgettable evening for the lionesses.

The first pass was a rocky relationship as both teams had chances to break the deadlock.

Lucy Bronze was England’s closest, having her head bent over the crossbar by Merle Froms.

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City’s Ella Tone opened the scoring in the 62nd minute when she broke away from the German defence, calmly tossing the ball over Froomes to put England ahead.

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Germany nearly set the record straight as Lina Magul’s close-range attempt was headed towards the post by Marie Earps.

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But Magul quickly got his reward as a sloppy England defense allowed him to stab the equalizer in the 79th minute.

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This took the competition into extra time and it was only the fourth time the final went over par.

And in the 110th minute, Chloe Kelly ensured the final would not go to penalties, stabbing the winner from a Lauren Hem corner, to win the final for the Ducks.

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At the final whistle, joy erupted throughout Wembley as the long wait for the trophy came to an end at 56, which has finally come to an end.

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Wegmann has always been happy with the team’s performance.

I think what we’ve done is really amazing. I don’t think I really realized what we did, because I didn’t follow everything, but we know that all of England is behind us”, their cooperation was strong too, so it was difficult to play our game, but in the end we really wanted to score a goal. When I took the job, I only wanted one thing, but we knew there was quality and great potential in this country. I hope everything is okay. It was one of my personal challenges. My challenge was to bring people from another country together and it worked. It’s something you dream of and hope for.

Sarina Wegman: Daily Mail

“We changed society,” she told BBC Sport.

Beth Meade won the Golden Boot.

“Sometimes football frustrates you but recovery is the best way and that’s what I did. I’m speechless, I can’t take it all, I’m still in shock, I can’t believe that we won it, I can’t. “Amazing, I’m so proud of this team. I love this team and I love this country.

Beth Meade: candid

It really is a big moment not only in English football but also in women’s football. For years women’s football has been dominated by men, but could Wegman’s lionesses be a stepping stone to success and advancement in the women’s game in England?

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