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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has fostered the worst media environment ever. We hope readers will cooperate to ease the fog of war – the real fog and the fog of the theater – in the comments. None of us need more encouragement and repetition of memes without association; There are platforms for that. Low value, uncorrelated boom boom waves will be hit.

And for those new here, it’s not just a political request. We wrote the site policies and those who commented agreed to those terms. To avoid having to resort to the nuclear option of completely shutting down commentary until more rationality prevails, as we did during the Greece bailout talks in 2015 and shortly after the elections in 2020, we will be ruthless in moderating and blacklisting offenders.


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Fed battles inflation to cause greater economic damage than Bloomberg


Drift Toward Disaster: Rio Grande Texas Monthly (Second)

she was. After that, Rancher’s truce paid off with some pesky beavers. The New York Times. For beavers, one of the main species, as “environmental engineers”, see NC here, here and here.


After ending free Covid testing, US policy is now to ‘make you’ the nation

Q&A with WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove on COVID – Pandemic Fatigue STAT!


Chinese banks are losing their mortgage safety net as developers slip into the Wall Street Journal. comments:

Chinese president may enshrine his ‘one country, two systems’ vision for Hong Kong in Communist Party charter

Not so fast: Glimpses of a 1944 war plan help explain why the invasion of Taiwan was a costly war of the game on the rocks

Cambodia and the Cambodian Forced Labor Cycle

Street vendors in Bangkok fear new leader Nikai Asia’s transfer plan

September 11th

On the anniversary of 9/11, stop kidding yourself about the foreign policy of America’s enemies

The “War on Terror” in More Than 20 Years: A Retrospective Backlash. With the events of September 11, Queen Elizabeth, other Ukraine, a bit of everything.

How the 20 years since 9/11 have been like a Vogue Teen Survivor

queen elizabeth

King Charles III says the Financial Times

EXCLUSIVE: The Royal Beekeeper informs the Queen Bees that the Queen is dead and King Charles is their new leader in a bizarre tradition dating back centuries to the Daily Mail. And about corgis:

How Queen Elizabeth brought England out of the system of responsible imperial government. comments:

Queen Elizabeth II has died aged 96 after a series of HealthLine health issues. Including covid. comments:


He puts the cogs of the monarchy in jeopardy by joining Charles on a Tax Research UK tour

The new cold war is not

Ukraine’s meteoric advance near Kharkiv leaves Russian forces in disarray, according to the Financial Times. The article is more balanced than the title.

Russia would withdraw from Izyum and deploy troops to Ukraine in response to Kharkov attack (Video) Alexander Mercuris, YouTube. Kudos to Mercuris for calling out Izyum in the previous video, linked from yesterday.

Larry fires Salve. Andrei Martyanov, Memories of the Future, supports Larry Johnson here. The flower of the Ukrainian army is displayed on the steppe, no longer beyond the fortifications….

Success on the battlefield as pressure mounts on Ukraine’s home front. Adam Toze Economic time passes faster than military time.

Southern Ukraine Offensive ‘Designed to Fool Russian Guardian’ According to the “Ukrainian Special Forces”. If so, the special forces fed many pig farmers and other poor sugar in a meat grinder in Kherson as part of a sleight of hand. Slava Ukraine.

The last reactor of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia has been shut down. I hope they find out who is bombing the factory. It’s a mystery !

Some thoughts on John Ganz’s Ukraine versus a brief response to John Ganz on Ukraine Karl Baer. I thought the creation of a US-NATO backed fascist state in Europe, on Russia’s western borders no less, would be a source of concern for the left, even in the US. (Readers will know that I don’t use the word “fascist” lightly; see here.) Okay with that….

Biden Administration

The White House has a plan for Big Tech Cory Doctorow, pluralism

Vice President Kamala Harris visits NASA’s Johnson Space Center to discuss organizing future space activity NPR

Chief Justice John Roberts defends the legitimacy of the Associated Press in court. Oh.


DOJ and Trump propose two special teachers for CNN’s Mar-a-Lago probe

Health care

Scientists have discovered how air pollution causes FT lung cancer. “An estimated 300,000 lung cancer deaths each year worldwide are caused by very fine polluting particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter, called PM2.5, which are emitted from vehicle exhaust. and burning fossil fuels.” So when we mask up, come for the Covid, stay for the cancer!

New York declares polio emergency to boost CNBC’s low vaccination rates. This is bad news. Now for the gospel:

Monitoring pathogens in wastewater can help inform public health responses

Our famous free press

Chronicle: How the decline of local information exposes the public to lies and corruption. Michael Heltzick, Los Angeles Times. Google doesn’t help either. If a local newspaper publishes an article and The Guardian rewrites it, Google will send the link to The Guardian.

Eric Viegel-Ding, Fast-Moving and Breaking Things Epidemiologist, Office of Science and Society, McGill

Basateen Academy

John Lowell Bunch Newsletter “After the Fall of the Ivory Tower”

Realignment and legitimacy

Our ancestors believed that we would build an economic paradise. Instead, we have the 2022 Brad DeLong Championship, it’s time. Impressive!

Governance for a Healthy Economy Dani Rodrik, Project Syndicate

Funny talk:

Crises of legitimacy in established democracies, Benjamin Studebaker, contemporary political theory

“A New Way of Life”: The Marxist, Post-Capitalist and Green Manifesto of the Japan Guardian (Re Silc).

guillotine clock

Yachts and watches? The real Flex CEO is Para Washboard. The Wall Street Journal

Working women who remain single and childless are wealthier than the core of other groups

class struggle

How a railway strike could drive up food prices in the hill (Re Silc).

Why tackling inequality should be at the heart of pandemic preparedness (editorial) British Medical Journal.

From steelworkers to baristas: the new face of the evolving labor movement in the capital of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

On Barbara Ehrenreich n+1

Remember the pulpit of the diggers

The Wonder of Eternal Existence: How a Cold Universe Lights the Glow of Marginal Consciousness

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