Link to book tickets for next Friday’s Al Hilal and Al Wahda match in the Saudi Roshan League

Next Friday, Prince Fahd bin Faisal Stadium will host Al Hilal and Al Wahda teams in a fiery Saudi Roshan league fourth round match.It has been announced that tickets for the Al Hilal and Al Wahda match will be reserved tonight, Wednesday, for fans to start booking them to watch the game and cheer on their favorite team, along with the prices advertised. The tickets, which can be reserved through the official website of Al Hilal Club .

Book your tickets for the Al Hilal and Al Wahda match

After the announcement of the tickets for the next match between Al Hilal, “the champion of the Super Lusail Cup”, and the team of Al Wahda, via the website of the club of Al Hilal, the site witnessed strong turnout from fans of both teams to book tickets ahead of the game, and bookings can be made by following these steps:

  • Go to the Al Hilal ticket booking site.
  • Click on the Al Hilal vs Al Wahda match, then choose Book tickets.
  • Choose the ticket category, the appropriate date and the number of tickets.
  • Enter the payment method information to pay for the ticket.

Ticket prices for Al-Hilal and Al-Wahda match

It was also announced the prices for reservation tickets for the match, which vary between 20 and 40 Saudi Riyals, depending on the location of the match stadium; Where the cost of the ticket in the goal alliance stands is 20 Saudi Riyals, while in the stands in front of Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium it will be 40 Saudi Riyals, and the ticket cost is paid electronically through the ticket booking site.

The date of the Al-Hilal and Al-Wahda match in the Roshan League

Al Hilal meets Al Wahda in the next Saudi Roshan League game, the fourth round, next Friday, corresponding to September 16; Where the game starts at nine o’clock in the evening Saudi time and eight o’clock in Egypt, and enters the Al Hilal Saudi Club in high spirits after scoring nine points in the first three rounds by beating the Gulf team in the first round , Al-Fayha in the second round and Al-Fath in the third round, on the other hand. Al-Wahda club enters the match having lost in the first and second rounds against Al-Nasr and Al-Raed teams, but won in the third round against Abha team.

The channels that broadcast the match Al-Hilal and Al-Wahda

Saudi Sports Channel ssc group will broadcast all Saudi Roshan League fourth round matches, including the game between Al Hilal and Al Wahda, which will be played at the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium next Friday at 9am. clock in the evening Mecca time.