Lifting 85 kg with one hand… Iman Hegab, the strongest Arab woman, is preparing to compete in the World’s Strongest Woman Championship!

Egyptian Eman Hegab, who won the title of the strongest Arab woman, is preparing to participate in the world championship of the strongest woman, which will be held in the United States of America next October.

Eman from Alexandria has been preparing for the world championship for two years, and the Egyptian champion said she was doing her best to win the title of the strongest woman in the world by intensifying her training program during the coming period.

Iman confirms that she follows a method and exercises necessary to lift heavy weights, weighing 50 to 85 kilograms, in one hand.

Eman works as a secondary school teacher and has two sons, and she started playing the sport when she was young, when she was 22 years old.

Eman won the titles she started competing in the world championship in 2002, and she was playing on behalf of the Egyptian national team and the Police Sports Federation, and she also trains a number of determined people, and trains drug survivors, and has made sports a reason for their full recovery.

She won local kickboxing championships and won the world championship in arm wrestling, as well as the black belt in karate as the first Arab woman to obtain it.

She won the gold medal at the Arab Folk Games Championship in Lebanon and won first place as the strongest Arab woman in 2021.