Jordan qualifies for Yemen in the semi-finals…Results of the match between Yemen and Jordan in West Asia

It happened a few days ago Game Yemen vs Jordan West Asia When the Yemeni junior team bid farewell to the ninth West Asia Junior Football Championship, the match was held at Aqaba Stadium on Thursday 23/6/2022, and following the encounter, the Jordanian team beat their Yemeni counterpart with a goalless draw for the Jordanian team, in the second round of the competitions of the first group, which includes Iraq and Oman, and following the match, the team Jordanian won and qualified for the semi-finals of the West Asian Junior Cup.

Game Yemen vs Jordan West Asia

As part of the West Asian Championship activities, the Yemen-Jordan match was held, with the Jordanian team winning over Yemen with a clean scoreline, and in Game Yemen vs Jordan West Asia qIn the tenth minute of the first half, player Ezz Al-Din Abu Aqoula scored a goal against the Yemeni team when he received a cross, taking advantage of goalkeeper Wadah Anwar’s error and scoring the goal in his net from a very difficult This is a summary of the events of the first half of the match.

The events of the second half of the match

The events of the second half unfolded in the attempts of the juniors of the Yemeni team to recover from the loss and to equalize the result and to try to win and return to the competition, and the error of the goalkeeper penalty was corrected and the goal was scored because of his error.

Game Yemen vs Jordan West Asia
Game Yemen vs Jordan West Asia

Jordan national team techniques

Despite the attempts of the Yemeni team to score goals, but they failed in the last moments in front of the defense of the Jordanian team, and also the goalkeeper stood out and managed to extract the qualifying card for the golden square. on the other hand, the balance of the Yemeni team has become 0 points.

As for the Iraqi national team, they led the group with a goal difference after their victory over Oman, where the Omani team also went empty on points, andThe Jordanian team faced their Iraqi counterpart today, June 25, 2022, with the same result in the first match for the Jordanian team, a clean goal against nothing for the Iraqi team.