Is Netlix’s new supernatural thriller based on a true story? – Hey, game!

netflix the devil came down Ohio It was ranked in the top 10 in 52 countries, leaving many viewers wondering if this supernatural thriller was based on true events.

It is set in a fictional town in Ohio a few hours from Cleveland. ohio demon interpreter Skeleton Actress Emily Deschanel plays Susan, a mother and psychiatrist who invites a new young patient (Madeleine Arthur) home after experiencing a traumatic event in the hospital.

However, as the eight-episode series progresses, it becomes clear that the young girl has escaped the clutches of the Satanic cult and that Susan’s family is in grave danger.

It has now been revealed that the show is based on the 2017 book of the same name by Daria Bulatin. Bulatin also serves as showrunner and executive producer for the series.

In an interview with Send ColumbusAnd the Bulatin revealed that although her early romances were inspired by true stories, they weren’t true.

About Origin ohio demon, the Boston native told the publication: I knew I had to say it. I decided to start with books.

“I imagined the story to creatively free myself. The girl is in her mid-teens, so I thought it would be interesting to speak to a YA (young adult) audience.

“The bones of the story are true and what really happened. I wanted to take that as a starting point.” She continued, “It’s inspired by real events, but it’s not a documentary. . It’s just a different kind of storytelling.”

In another interview with Netflix bleedBulatin further explained that the cult at the heart of the series is entirely “fabricated”.

As for what was done to make the shoot believable, she told the crew behind. ohio demon She interviewed former members of various faiths and incorporated themes and rituals from different religions and ideologies.

Bulatin said that they then created a cult chart for all members of the group.

“I wrote a cult document and shared it with the head of department and the creative team, so everyone was on the same page.” [after] We introduced him to the language of our sect – the morning star, the dawn.

“The outfit was inspired by our past. They were from Ireland, they were farmers, they lived in West Virginia and their crops were collapsing. [forcing them to move to Ohio]”

So, fact or fiction? ohio demon A bit of both.

ohio demon They are currently streaming on Netflix.