Find out about the Saudi League standings before deciding the results of today’s matches, Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Football is the first popular game in all the countries of the world, which is preferred by many individuals, and many Saudi football fans and fans seek to know the arrangement of the Saudi League before deciding the results of the matches. today, Tuesday, May 3. , 2022, after the resumption of the local championship after its stoppage due to the AFC Champions League matches, and today a match will be held between Al Hilal Club and Al Fayha Club at 6:15 am Cairo local time, and this is the only game to be held today in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup League, as part of the activities of the nineteenth round of the local championship, and each team is looking for I have the three points to win , and we note that the Saudi team of Al Hilal is the strongest part in today’s game, with a difference in points and level as well.

Saudi league standings

  • Saudi team Al Ittihad tops the list Cyclic Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup with 60 points, in 25 matches, where he won 19 matches, drew three and lost three others.
  • While Al Hilal are in second place, playing 23 games, winning 14, drawing in 7 games and losing two games, bringing the score to 49 points.
  • Al-Nasr Club came third with 48 points
  • Al Shabab comes in fourth place with 47 points.
  • Then Damak Club came in fifth place with 42 points.
  • Sixth place is occupied by Abha Club with 32 points.
  • Al-Fateh is also in seventh place with 31 points.
  • Then, the eighth place is represented by Al-Fayhaa Club, with 30 points.
  • Al-Raed FC is ninth with 29 points.
  • While Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahly and Al-Faisaly are ranked tenth, with 28 points each.
  • Eleventh place is for Al-Tai Club with 27 points.
  • Then the Taawon team is in twelfth place with 26 points.
  • Al-Batin Club is thirteenth with 25 points.
  • Fourteenth place for Al-Ettifaq Club, with 24 points.
  • Finally, Al Hazm Club is in fifteenth place with 14 points.

Saudi League matches today, Tuesday May 3, and carrier channels

  • Today, Al-Fayhaa’s team faces a team Hilal from Saudi Arabia Among the postponed matches.
  • The meeting will take place at 8:10 a.m. Abu Dhabi time.
  • It will also take place at 7:10 a.m. Mecca time.
  • And at 6:10 a.m. Egypt time.
  • The match will be broadcast on the Saudi Sports Channel HD screen (SSC1).