FIFA prohibits interference by relatives in the transfer of players and the most important new provisions which will be imposed from July 2023

It is expected that the International Football Association “FIFA” will publish this new regulation between the months of June and next September, by which it will set the limits necessary for these huge commissions which are obtained by the players’ agents in these major transactions, such as as well as the reduction of interference from relatives in controlling the fate of star players, and this came after the last few years saw a significant increase in the roles of agents and caused them to significantly increase the cost transfers, whether in the case of a contract with any player or in the case of the sale of players, and we will discuss the details of this decision in our article today.

Prevent interference from relatives

I also specified that it was also noticed not only the interference of agents, but also the excessive interference of relatives such as parents and brothers, for example what happened in the agreement so that Erling Haaland moves to Manchester City after Mino Raiola’s agent leaves, and the same thing happens back then The current in the future of Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe and the clear control of his mother in his footballing future.

The new FIFA list

The Spanish newspaper reported that this new regulation will be implemented from July 2023, which will include some clear changes, the most important of which are:

  • First, a fee of up to a maximum of ten percent of the player’s sale value will be imposed if the agent represents the selling club, 3 percent if working for the buying player or club, and 6 for cent if the agent represents the selling club. club, he seeks the benefit of both.
  • It is forbidden to represent the three parties by the agent in order to avoid a conflict of interest. There are agents representing the three parties, and that is what will be represented.
  • Any member of the player’s family will be prohibited from receiving a commission for the sale or purchase of the player, except in one case only if he is an official agent after having been able to obtain the official licenses necessary to exercise the occupation.