“Egypt Cup Final”, date of Al-Ahly and Zamalek match, carrier channels and commentator

Football fans inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt are waiting for the date of the match Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the final of the Egyptian Cup of the last season 2020/2021, or as it is called the Cairo derby. year, which is led by traditional rivals Zamalek, who in turn seek victory over Al-Ahly, taking advantage of the team’s poor results in the recent period at league level and exploiting injuries and absences that hit the team A stumble in the league could lead to the loss of the title.

The date of the match Al-Ahly and Zamalek

يعتبر موعد مباراة الأهلي والزمالك في نهائي كأس مصر للموسم الماضي هو حديث الشارع الكروي داخل مصر، حيث أنهما أصحاب القاعدة الجماهيرية الأكبر في مصر وخصوصا في العاصمة القاهرة، تقام المباراة اليوم الخميس الموافق 21 يوليو 2021 علي أستاد القاهرة الدولي في تمام الساعة التاسعة بتوقيت جمهورية مصر Arabic. Ricardo Soares, coach of the Al-Ahly club, is looking for a return to the right path to the Red Castle, especially after the defeat of Al-Ahmar in the league match. league game The latter is up against the Pyramids club, who have knocked the red genius out of title contention this year, as Suaresh looks to showcase his credentials for bright red-loving fans by beating the traditional rival and preserving the title. the Egyptian Cup for the next year in a row. Portuguese mother Ferreira talks with Al-Abyad about the return of the championships, as Zamalek fans return during the latter’s tenure as this final is seen for everyone inside the White Castle as revenge after the loss of the African title at the hands of the Al-Ahly club.

Channels broadcasting the match

The match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek will be broadcast today on On Team Sport channels, where the match is preceded by an analysis studio for the match.The football club has announced that Al-Ahly will be in its official uniform today, and Zamalek in the team’s reserve uniform.