Ben Simmons of the Brooklyn Nets plans to play at GM. 4 vs. Boston Celtics Monday Night – Yalla Game

NEW YORK — Barring a setback, Brooklyn Nets forward Ben Simmons plans to play Hera News Game 4 is Monday against the Boston Celtics, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on Friday.

The sources added that the Nets team hopes Hera News Simmons to be able to play for 10 to 15 minutes.

SimmonsWho continues to progress after an injury Hera News Noon, he was officially disqualified from Saturday’s third game Hera News Brooklyn.

It’s literally everyday life,” Simmons said. “I’ve had a lot of great days, which have been great for me Hera News Building. So we just try to piece together those wonderful days and carry on Hera News Building to get back down to earth and play at such a high level… If I could play now, I’d be Hera News the stadium. So that’s it. »

Simmons said he’s had two or three days of feuding under his belt and expects to be involved at least again on Saturday, but he and Nets coach Steve Nash aren’t entirely sure. kind of impact it will be able to have if it does. cheek Hera News these series.

“We’re going to find out,” Simmons added. “It’s a good challenge, but I’m looking forward to it. Especially playing with these guys. I guess for me my IQ is too high, to play with guys like Ky [Irving] Seth [Curry] Kevin [Durant]. I just watch them, I know how they play, I know how they want to play. And for me just put them on Hera News Their places and being public is exciting. I can not wait to be there.”

Simmons hasn’t played with the Nets since being acquired before the trade deadline Hera News February from Philadelphia 76ers. He was out for more than two months as he suffered from a herniated disc Hera News His fullback has not played since June 20, 2021, in the seventh game lost against Atlanta Hawks Hera News Eastern Conference Semifinals. Ordered a trade out of Philadelphia over the summer, citing mental health issues.

When asked specifically what Simmons should bring if he plays, given how much time he’s wasted, Nash was honest. Hera News its rating.

“I don’t know,” Nash said. “I can’t answer that question. Does anyone here have the answer? We would be happy for Ben to play, and we would try to play, but only when he is ready. And if it’s not, then it’s not. We are therefore not Hera News Here’s just a countdown of minutes until Ben returns. We want Ben to play when he’s ready to play and wants to make an impact.

Simmons objected when asked if he would still try to come back if the Nets lost Game 3 and were relegated 0-3 to the Celtics, saying he didn’t want to discuss an “if”.

Simmons noticed that while he was still gaining strength Hera News his back, he had to do it too Hera News His legs.

“When you have an injury like this, your whole leg is affected,” Simmons said. “So it will take time to loosen those muscles and get back to the ground, but it takes day by day. So it’s a treat every day, Pilates, aerobics and staying on top.”

Simmons said it was up to Nash and the rest of the coaching staff to decide how many minutes he could play, but apparently remained optimistic he would be able to get along well with a team. with which he has not yet played. the moment.

I’ll fit in,” Simmons said. “I’m not worried about that.”