Awad leads Zamalek to overtake Aswan to advance to Egyptian Cup final

Ibrahim Ali wrote

Zamalek SC qualified for the final of the Egyptian Cup last season (20202021), after beating Aswan, with two goals to one in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Mohamed Nagy Gedo opened the goals for Aswan in the 9th minute of the match, before Zamalek responded with two consecutive goals by Mahmoud Alaa and Youssef Obama in the 35th and 36th minutes.

The match saw the brilliance of Zamalek goalkeeper Mohamed Awad, who saved two penalties from Mohamed Rizk and Mohamed Daadour in the 55th and 75th minutes of the game.

The second part of the Egyptian Cup final has not been decided, as the quarter-finals will be between Al-Ahly and Pyramids, while the Petrojet team awaits the winner in the semi-finals.

Match Details

The Aswan club threatened Zamalek’s goal in the eighth minute of the game, after the Aswan player kicked in a powerful ball, but Awad tackled it and turned it into a corner.

Mohamed Nagy Gedo, player of Aswan, was able to advance his team in the 9th minute of the match, after deflecting a ball crossed with a powerful header, but it touched the left post, and the ball returned to him again to follow it with a shot that inhabited the net of Mohamed Awad, the Zamalek goalkeeper.

The Aswan keeper tackled a dangerous header from Youssef Obama, a Zamalek player, after deflecting the cross ball played by Fattouh, causing the keeper to shine and the defense to scatter off the pitch.

The Aswan keeper saved the chance of a goal for Zamalek, after blocking a powerful winch header that nearly hugged the net.

And Mahmoud Alaa, the Zamalek defender, managed to score the equaliser, after deflecting a cross from a header from Abdel Ghani, with an easy shot from inside the 6 meters that smashed the club from Aswan in the 33rd minute of the game.

Zamalek scored the second goal quickly through Youssef Ibrahim Obama, after a quick counterattack. The ball reached Bencharki, who passed the ball to Obama, who returned the ball with a shot on the ground that touched the keeper and was entered the net in the 36th minute.

The referee of the confrontation with Zamalek and Aswan awarded a penalty to the Nile Crocodile team, after the Aswan player was hampered by the winch inside the penalty area, which was confirmed by video technology afterwards.

Mohamed Rizk, the player from Aswan, took the penalty, but Mohamed Awad, the goalkeeper from Zamalek, managed to tackle the ball brilliantly, and prevented Aswan from equalising.

The referee awarded the Aswan club a second penalty after switching back to video technology, following an error by Mohamed Abdel Ghani against the Aswan player inside the penalty area.

Aswan player Ahmed Dahroug took the penalty, but Awad shines again and saves the ball which was executed from the same corner.

The referee of the match returned to the examination of video technology for the possibility of calculating a third penalty for the Aswan club, after an intervention by Mohamed Ashraf “Roqa” against the player of Aswan inside the penalty area, but the referee did not award anything.