Amir Mortada: postponement of matches cannot be accepted


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Omar Kora wrote:

Amir Mortada Mansour, the general football supervisor at Zamalek, denied that the club had submitted a request to the Clubs Association not to postpone the match to the June 19 summit, pointing out that there was no communication with the Association regarding deferrals that occur to competitors.

Amir Mortada said, in statements to the channel ‘On Time Sports 2’: “There is something we cannot understand. After the announcement of the match schedule, we heard that a team had asked for the permission for the opposing team to change the date of the match. We are going to have a reaction because we want to know how the competition is going.

He added: “We want the Club Association and the Football Association to clarify the announced schedule for league and cup matches. Do we want to halve the league so that there is no big difference in the delays between Zamalek and Al-Ahly, to whom we wish him success in the African Champions League?

He continued: “We are not complaining or hanging an ankle, I am speaking while we are in the final of the Egyptian Cup and we are leaders of the league, but is it possible that we will play the second game? of the second round of the league and we play the semi-finals of the latest version of the Egyptian Cup, then we will go to the Egyptian Cup for the new version in front of the interior.”

And he continued: “Is it fair to be surprised by organizing a friendly match for the Egyptian national team on the last day of the international agenda in Korea on June 14, before the summit match against Al-Ahly on the 19th, in the end? these are the clubs that endure fatigue and injury.

On Tariq Hamed’s stance, the team’s midfielder Amir Mortada confirmed: “Tareq Hamed’s trip for treatment came at his request, after he felt technically unprepared. He still has knee pain and needs rehabilitation, and we don’t like to stand in front of his interests, so we allowed him to travel.

For his part, Amir Mortada confirmed that the club had written to the International Football Federation “FIFA” concerning the expiry of the legal deadline of 45 days for the judgment rendered at the Château Blanc in the Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba case, the Al- Ahly player currently loaned to Turkish Hatay Sport.

The Zamalek president’s son told Zamalek’s official website after the Aswan game: “FIFA will take legal action to the Disciplinary Committee, especially since the club has not yet received its contribution.

It should be noted that Zamalek defeated the Aswan team in the semi-finals after winning it 21, to qualify for the final match scheduled for next July 21, at a time when he will begin his journey in the new version of the Egyptian Cup in June. 13, facing inward.