A ferocious attack by Amr Adib against the players of the Egyptian national team despite the victory. You will not believe what he said about Mohamed Salah and provoked the public’s anger!

The media commented Amr AdibAli Fouz Egypt national team Ali, his Senegalese counterpart, said: “The match was nerve-wracking.

Adeeb continued during his presentation:history programAnd broadcast on a channel. MBC Egypt: “joule” Mohammad Salah He came with the blessing of our Lord, and he was the only one who played right and stood right.

He continued: “If it hadn’t been for Al-Shennawi’s defense and brilliance, we would have wanted to lose the match, adding: ‘Omar Marmoush was a great solution in the ten minutes he took. played, but Zizou and Afsha had a role.

Amr Adib before the match between Egypt and Senegal: All he asks from our Lord is two goals

On the other hand, publication in the media Amr AdibTweet on his personal account.Twitter» before a match Egypt and Senegal.

wrote Amr Adib: “I am everything I ask of Our Lord, Julien, but I can, ô Karim.. and go down in history for the thousandth time that night.

and play Egypt national team The first football match against Senegal, last Friday, March 25, at 9:30 a.m., in the first leg of the final phase of the qualifying round for the World Cup. World Cup .

The dream of the Egyptians

and lift Mohammad Salah The Egyptians’ dream of reaching the most important international championship again lived far from Egypt For several years.

Mohammad Salah The current generation leader who managed to qualify for world Cup The past in Russia 2019 after his killer time goal against Congo.

And the Egyptians dream of being among the big teams in the final World Cup It’s a feat that has remained in the minds of witch lovers for 4 years.

The Egyptian masses are going through a difficult time at this time, still fearing the lack of achievement for a long time.

The Egyptian national team had the honor of participating in 3 tournaments before the final World Cup And he became the fourth from the periphery, having reached the finals and the play-off against Senegal in two home and away matches to decide the team that qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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